Making holiday ornaments out of saplings and green twigs…..

Begin by constructing a wire frame (I chose an circle of old metal wreath backings) and secured them together with bailing wire. Then begin cutting and harvesting your limbs and twigs. Green works better because they are flexible and bend without breaking ( most of the time). I used flowering plum limbs, bay leaf limbs, weeping willow, eucalyptus saplings and native California buckeye limbs. As a bonus, the eucalytus and bayleaf limbs really add fragrance to the ornaments. Once the framework is secured with bailing wire, you can begin to weave the limbs. I pruned my cuttings to about 4 feet in length so I would have enough to work with but that depends on the size of the frame you construct. I placed some limbs into the design that were not consistent with weaving for a whimiscal effect. I allowed the ornaments to dry for a couple of days before hanging them in the garden. You could fill them with rosemary, lavender or juniper or outdoor lights for that matter for a traditional holiday look if desired. So the next time you’re in the garden pruning and trimming, think twice about throwing away those limbs. You just may be able to use them in the garden as ornaments or art! Happy Holidays and I’ll be seeing you around the garden. :)

Photo credit: Mike Brown

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