It’s not too early to begin planning your spring flower gardens…

While some of us are basking in unseasonable temperatures those who are longing for the warmth of spring, now is a good time to start to put your gardening ideas onto paper. If you are in a frost free area you can even begin to re-design your flower beds. In this picture posted here, I scalloped these beds to give a free-flowing informal appearance while at the same time it creates more depth for these colorful snapdragons and foxglove. And it makes it easier to pull weeds and add fertilizers. I planted these in early February of last year in California and got these terrific blooms all the way through July. They can be planted back east in early May after danger of frost. If you dead head them and keep the soil weed free and composted you should be able to have about 4 months or longer of blooming time. Watch for insects in the early part of spring….their populations can increase ten-fold over night. Keep alert of foliar and flower changes such as yellowing of leaves, holes in leaves, leaf or flower drop or die back of young seedlings. If you catch these changes early on you can save yourself bigger problems down the road. Happy planting and I’ll be seeing you around the garden! :)

Photo credit: Mike Brown

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