From the Garden to the Table….shrub and tree trimmings that make a Holiday cheerful!

If you find yourself needing some holiday boughs and trimmings take a stroll out into your landscape and see what you might be able to bring into the house for a table arrangement. In this case I found myself pruning out some young invasive eucalyptus trees along with some over grown berberis and pyrcantha. Then I clipped some magnolia limbs and holly to finish off this massive 5 foot arrangement. I filled the bottom of this fiberglass container with brick to weigh it down and set it in a window out of direct sunlight and away from indoor heating. Check the water level daily to ensure the flowers retain their freshness. If some clippings start to die off sooner than others, you can always take another trip outside and replace them with fresher cuttings. Enjoy your Holidays and I’ll be seeing you around the garden. :)

Design by Mike Brown of Projectgreenscaping.

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