From the Garden to the Table………..a way to re-use garden clippings and harvest.

If you’re planning a dinner party and need to create a table arrangement why not take a close look at what is growing in your own backyard. For this Thanksgiving backyard feast I decided to trim my apricot, bay and lemon trees and use their limbs and fruit as a center piece for the table. In additon, I found seasonal color such as; Eugenia berries (not edible but a great splash of color), Bird of Paradise, limes and Valencia oranges. Since this was a non-traditional casual dinner I added both votives and eclectic candleabras. Then all we needed was some good old fashioned stoneware, wine and of course good friends and food. So next time you decide to have a dinner party and need some last minute greens for the table or vase why not take a look outside….you might be pleasantly surprised with what nature is offering you! Happy entertaining and I’ll be seeing you around the garden. :)

Photo credit: Mike Brown

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