August 2014
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A Taos, New Mexico holiday dinner all from the Garden to the Table.

Now that Thanksgiving is over the holiday rush is in full gear. If you find yourself having some friends and family over for some good food and cheer remember your yard may hold the key to a last minute table arrangement. Here in the cozy home of my friends in Taos, New Mexico I [...]

Descanso Gardens a vision of possibilites for all…


Mushrooms are fungi that are a necessary part of garden and forest decomposition…

The next time you see mushrooms in your garden remember they play a vital role in the decomposition of organic matter. You will generally see them in the early morning hours, especially after a rain. They are responsible for breaking down rotting logs, twigs, stems and leaf litter. They are not seen in a [...]

A Tribute to the ‘Musquee de Provence pumpkin’, also known as the Cinderella pumpkin!

This ‘Curcubita maxima’ seems comfortable nestled in this over flowing pot of Scoth moss draped in a swag of garnet colored Chrysanthemums I placed in the garden today. The ‘Musquee de Provence’ pumpkin originates from the south of France and is one of the most highly prized pumpkins by Chefs around the globe. Its [...]

The wonderful world of color…

The Center Circle Garden at Descanso Gardens where red poppies, blue echium, purple armeria, gold poppies, purple stock, white and maroone foxglove soaked up the early sun this morning. This garden design was installed back in February and I was unsure of the mixture of all the color choices together on the palate. I reminded [...]

Remember to leave the leaves on your daffodils after they bloom. The leaves will continue to photosynthesize and harness energy well beyond the blooming and be stored as energy for next years blooming. Let them die back on the plant and cut them off only when they are brown.

Each year after a bloom cycle, Daffodils will multiply and eventually colonize where they are planted. They look terrific planted in mass groupings where they look naturalized. They will do great in partial shade to full sun and can be seen coming up late in the winter for an early spring bloom. There [...]

Everything’s coming up daffodils and mushrooms…

With all the recent rains it’s no wonder the daffodils and mushrooms are cropping up all over the garden. And with the warm weather expected over the weekend, be sure to keep your eyes on the cherry, plum and apple trees, today I noticed the buds were looking rather plump. Have a spendid weekend and [...]

Today at the garden a heavy frost dusted the bedding plants…

I knew my morning drive to work today would hold a surprise for me as the mountains once again were lightly dusted with snow…….like a layer of confections sugar against a blue blue sky. The bedding plants of Linaria, Primrose, Viola and Scabiosa awaited for me in the promenade at Descanso Gardens for my [...]

Not sure why this birds nest was constructed in this thicket of roses but it certainly keeps out any potential intruders.

An early morning sunrise basks the dormant cordon of Crabapples at Descanso Gardens…

You can’t help but notice the cordon of crabapples as you enter Descanso Gardens. Even in their state of dormancy they are quite striking. A cordon is a technique in which, in this case, crabapples are planted into the ground at an angle and opposing trees are planted in the opposite direction to create [...]