There are better hedge choices than Ficus.

Ficus hedges are taking a hit from coast to coast. In South Florida, it is the Ficus whitefly, Singhiella simplex, that is causing hedges and trees to loose their leaves and eventually die.  In Southern California, it is the Ficus leafminer, Gynaikothrips, that while not killing the plants, they are responsible for reducing the value of ornamental plants.  When thinking of planting a hedge in the near future, research your alternative choices such as Podocarpus, Texas privet (in SOCAL) or Cocoplum or Arbicola in (SOFL).  If you are looking for alternative hedge material in your part of the world, let us help you find the right plant at projectgreenscaping.

In South Florida, Ficus heges (F. benjamina, and F.microcarpa) are taking a severe beating from the Whitefly… Southern California, (F. nitida, and F. microcarpa) are being attacked by the Cuban laurel thrips. Are the great formal ficus hedges headed into the history books?

Photo credit: Mike Brown

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