Monthly Archives: October 2010

A Tribute to the ‘Musquee de Provence pumpkin’, also known as the Cinderella pumpkin!

This ‘Curcubita maxima’ seems comfortable nestled in this over flowing pot of Scoth moss draped in a swag of garnet colored Chrysanthemums I placed in the garden today. The ‘Musquee de Provence’ pumpkin originates from the south of France and is one of the most highly prized pumpkins by Chefs around the globe. Its orange, sweet and fleshly pulp makes the best of pies! It matures in approximately 110 days and its 25 to 30 pound weight makes it manageable in the garden. As with all pumpkins, it is wise to give it plenty of real estate so it can stretch out its long lanky vines. It is also called the Cinderella pumpkin from the shape of the fairytale carriage that wisked Cinderella away just seconds before midnight. Happy fall harvesting and I’ll see you around the garden. :)

Photo credit: Mike Brown

Now here is a fun job….being able to design using recycled wood, grasses and other elements from the garden.

At left is an arch created out of oak limbs and draped in Spanish moss, grasses and Sunzilla sunflower stalks. I made this large birds nest out of willow branches, apple and plum limbs and stuffed it full of gourds and pumpkins. The large vase is on display in the courtyard and is filled with a collection of dried cut flowers and grasses I dried during the summer. The garden promenade is a bounty of pumpkins with large collections of cut grasses and tall woven baksets framed beneath 15 foot Eucalyptus saplings. And last but not least, I created a six foot Halloween totem pole as a tribute to Tim Burton and the awesome influence his work has had on me as the Display Horticulturist at Descanso Gardens. Come and visit………the Halloween season is upon us! See you around the garden. :)

Photo credit: Mike Brown

Early Autumn has returned to Descanso Gardens…..

The days are shorter and it is evident the garden is changing before your very eyes. Mounds of purple Sage, orange Thithonia, yellow Rudbeckia and an amazing assortment of roses have scattered their swath of color around the garden as Monet did with his paint brush. There is a great collection of pumpkins in the landscape as you stroll along the promenade . You’ll see them mixed with large bouqets of grasses cut from the gardens earlier this summer and some fun whimsicial creations I made from vines, twigs and limbs. Here are a few pictures taken today….come in and see the rest! See you around the garden. :)

Photo credit: Mike Brown